Ever needed to learn English but find reading the same old books boring? That all changes with Learn English Reading JFK, the new Karaoke4English AudioBook reader. Teach yourself English whilst listening to JFK’s historical speeches (other audiobooks, such as “The Story of William Tell” can be purchased via the in-app store) and create your own exercises to test how well you are doing.

This Android app allows you to listen to JFK’s Inaugural Address whilst his words are highlighted on your screen as he says them. You can then tap on any words you do not understand to instantly see it’s translation in your own language. These words can then be added to your personalized exercises to help ensure you remember them in the future. The exercises consist of flashcard tests where you can also be tested on the spelling of each word.


  • Languages Supported: English to Spanish, German, Russian, French, and Italian.
  • Free JFK Inaugural Address Speech.
  • Synchronization between audio and text highlighting.
  • Multi-language dictionary.
  • Practice translations with flashcard exercises.
  • Practice spellings with translation tests.


At first look you can instantly see this is a very well built and refined app. It is very simple to understand and easy to navigate through. Straight away your presented with your choice of language and then you go to the speech where you can start straight away. The app updates you with your progress each time you start it up and it’s generally quite a tidy app.

The only problem with me giving my opinion on this though.. I already know English. On top of that, I have never tried to learn another language so I can’t give the best of opinions. However, If i was to learn a language this is the type of form that I would like to use. I can see how it could make English words stick in your head and the English language as a whole much easier to understand than just reading books or listening to audio separately.


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