Mobile phones these days have all sorts of amazing features that make them exciting products to own. The smart capabilities on these phones have made them everything from tools for our everyday lives, to game centers, to, practically, computers in our pockets!

A huge part of all of this is the spread of different apps, which are developed and released constantly, and many of which can offer a great deal of convenience and/or entertainment. So, when you next buy an android smart phone from O2, what apps should you look forward to making use of? Here’s a quick run down of some of the best android apps of the year so far.


This wildly popular app now available on Android allows you to find out the name and artist of any song that you hear and like. Let’s say you’re out for the night and a song comes on the speakers that you enjoy, but don’t recognize. You can simply “shazam it” and your phone will recognize the song and tell you its artist and title.


This app essentially does just what it sounds like it would do, and turns your phone into a walkie-talkie. Basically, that means that you can skip the process of dialing your friends and talking in a normal phone conversation, and instead just click one button and put your voice through. This is not meant so much as an alternative to talking on the phone, but instead is convenient for specific situations and can be fun to play with.


Until fairly recently, Android lacked a good Facebook app, and while Faceboook For Android doesn’t have all of the features of the real Facebook, it does allow you to manage your Facebook account fairly thoroughly from your mobile phone. You can send and receive messages, upload photos, check status updates, etc. all in your pocket.


Another app for music lovers, Spotify essentially gives you access to any music you could possibly dream of. While there is a monthly subscription for this service, Spotify can basically take the place of all of the other services you use to listen to music, whether that means iTunes, Pandora, or even YouTube. Having this app in your phone basically gives you all of the music that you like.


You can’t enjoy apps without at least a few fun games, and Draw Something is the latest game app sensation. Basically, the game involves drawing pictures to send to an opponent, who then guesses what you’ve drawn and draws something in return. It’s simple, but like Words With Friends before it, surprisingly fun and surprisingly addictive.


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